Understanding The Impact Of Air Quality On Global Health

The issue was raised even many years ago and the potential hazards that this may cause to the rest of the human race. While there have been efforts that are put in place to prevent the issue from further escalating, the last few years are seeing these problems being prevalent still. Unless the rest of humanity truly gets a good grasp of what their actions will likely cause to the environment, to is very unlikely that many will start taking the issue seriously.

There are a ton of health effects that exposure to air pollution can cause to humans. There are effects that one can feel immediately. There are effects that are likely to start manifesting several years down the road. Regardless, these are not very good indications and are only likely to jeopardize the health of the person involved.

Among the most immediate reactions that people get when they are exposed to polluted air is watery eyes. There are those that experience wheezing and coughing too. Effects lie these are not limited to people that any be weaker or those that tend to have lower immune systems. Even perfectly healthy people can easily start exhibiting irritation in their respiratory system as a result of exposure to such how quality air. There are those that start having breathing difficulties as they do many of the usual outdoor activities that they do and then they get exposed to polluted air.

When determining the risk that people are likely to face when it comes to exposure to polluted air the effects will often have to depend on the state of the person’s health, the concentration of the pollutant and what type it is, as well as the length of time that a person has been exposed to the polluted air. Needless to say, when you are weaker, and you have been exposed to such air for much longer, then you can expect that the repercussion is going to be much graver as well.

There are people that tend to be more vulnerable when they are exposed to polluted air. For instance, those that have heart diseases and those with lung diseases are likely to have difficulty breathing in this kind of air. The same is true for those women who are pregnant, those that work in the outdoors, children that are aged 14 and below since their lungs are still in the developing, as well as those athletes that end to do their exercise out of doors.

When people are exposed to high levels of pollution in the air, there are many immediate problems to one’s health that can be experienced. Among these effects include aggravated respiratory illness and aggravated cardiovascular conditions. There is going to be added stress to the lungs and the heart since these organs are going to have to work even harder in order for the body to get ample oxygen supply. In addition, it can also cause damage to the cells in the respiratory system.

In the long term, the effects will be even more serious. There is the accelerated lung aging and the loss of the capacity of the lungs. There will be a decreased function of the lungs as well and the development of other lung diseases. More importantly, it can cause even shortened lifespan.